Replacement Hot Tub Air Blowers

If you need a lot of bubbles then you need to use an air blower. There are many on the market, some heated and dual speed, if you need help finding the correct one for your hot tub, spa or project then please get in touch with our friendly Hot Tub DIY team. All the air blowers we sell are 230v and specifically designed for hot tubs and spas.

Air Supply Air Blowers

Ultra 9000 & Max Air Blowers

Hot tub Air Blowers don't have to be hard work, send us a picture via the contact page above and we well get our in-house technical engineer to give you a break down of the part you need. Click Here for more detail

For more detail on how to getting the correct air blower, or how fit them and articles on repairing please check out or "Guides and Videos" Here - Hot Tub Repair Guides and Videos