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To keep your bubbles bubbling, get all your Hot Tub and Spa Air blowers and accessories right here. We stock a range of the top brands, renowned for their power, reliability and build quality so we have something to fit any hot tub or spa. We also stock a range of plumbing and cables to keep your hot tub bubbling blissfully.

Hot Tub Air Blower FAQ's

What does a hot tub air blower do?

Quite simply, the air blower or air pump, pushes the air through small ports or jets in your tub to create those fizzy bubbles you love so much.

What size hot tub air blower do I need?

Air blowers typically come in three sizes: 1, 1.5 and 2 horse power. The size of blower you need depends on a few factors. First of all, if you are replacing an old blower, check the specification after you have removed it. The length of pipe run will have an impact: the longer the pipe run, the higher powered blower you need. The number of bends in your pipes will also affect the power of blower you need. More bends needs more power. The rough guide to the size of blower you will need to the number of jets is as follows: 4-6 jets, 1 hp blower; 6-8 jets, 1.5 hp blower, 8+ jets, 2hp blower.

How do I know that I need a new hot tub air blower?

If your air blower is overheating, it may be because it is working too hard for your system. Or you could have a blockage so check your pipes first. It may not be working because of water damage or incorrect plumbing size. Electrical problems usually stem from not having a powerful enough blower for your system. If you are at all unsure, consult the how to guides or get in touch.

For more detail on how to getting the correct air blower, or how fit them and articles on repairing please check out or "Guides and Videos" Here - Hot Tub Repair Guides and Videos

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