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Hot Tub Air Injector

Whether you have a leaky or faulty jet, or you just want to upgrade your current jets, HOT TUB DIY have all the air jets you need.

We stock a range of hot tub air jets (Air Injectors)  by Waterway, a brand leader known for quality and reliability.

Our jets will keep you hot tub bubbling.

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Hot Tub Air Jet FAQs

What is the difference between air and water jets?

Put quite simple, water jets take the water and recycle it around your tub through the water jet, creating a powerful warm jet of water. Air jets just use air, which is heated up, to stimulate the water, creating bubbles. Both offer different sensations although your water jets provide that deep penetrative relaxation, whereas air jets are more soothing. You can read up on jets in our informative blogs.

How do I replace my jets?

Air jets are usually quite easy to replace. First, we recommend draining your tub. They are held on with a nut underneath so you will have to undo that and then lastly the jets are held in place with clear silicon and the connecting air pipe glued on.

What size air jet do I need?

We recommend draining your tub and removing your old jet first so you can be sure of the size. Measure the hole carefully, it’ll probably be somewhere between 10mm and 30mm. Have a look at our range of Waterway jets and with our speedy delivery you can have your hot tub up and running again in a couple of days.

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