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Air Jets

These jets let the bubbles come out, if yours is leaking water than these replacements are easy to fit to resolve the problem. Hot Tub Air Jets

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Air Button

Air Button£4.40

Air Injector 1'' Grey

Air Injector 1" Grey£6.50

Air Injector 3 eighths Grey

Air Injector 3 eighths Grey£5.90  (1)

Air Injector Elbow Style Grey

Air Injector Elbow Style Grey£6.50

Air Injector Elbow Style Stainless Steel

Air Injector Elbow Style Stainless Steel£9.90

Air Injector Grey

Air Injector Grey£6.60

Air Injector Stainless Steel

Air Injector Stainless Steel£8.70  (1)


Page 1 of 1:    7 Items

Please note all Hot tub Parts sold are UK Spec, which means designed for 230 V at 50Hz

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