Hot Tub and Spa Control Panels

One of the best things about a modern hot tub is the fingertip control. Make sure you can control every aspect of your hot tub by choosing one of our range of hot tub and spa control panels. If you need a completely new control panel, choose one from Balboa, a brand leader or other reputable brands such as Gecko or Spa Form. All our control panels are reliable and easy to instal, with clear and simple displays, allowing you to control every component of your hot tub. If you need a new overlay for your hot tub control panel, we stock overlays for Spa Form and Balboa control panels.


Hot Tub and Spa Control Panel FAQ's

How do I replace my hot tub control panel?

Usually, it is just a case of disconnecting the control panel from your control box and removing your old unit from your hot tub. Make sure you remove all of the silicon sealant from the tub. Then just connect your control panel to, switch it on to make sure it works, then re-silicon before fixing to your hot tub. Have a look at our range of blogs about control panels to help.

Can I upgrade my hot tub control panel?

There are a few factors you need to consider before upgrading your control panel. Please see our blogs for more guidance to help you make sure you but the right control panel for your hot tub.

How do I replace my hot tub control panel overlay?

First you need to remove the old overlay. Peel it off carefully. Once removed, you need to clean of all the dust, debris and glue that may be stuck to your control panel. Use a plastic spatula and make sure it is completely clean. Peel the end off the back of your new overlay, but don’t remove it all. Line up one end and smooth as you go, removing the backing slowly. Rub down with a cloth and make sure it is completely stuck down.

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