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Hot Tub Glues and Cleaner

Glue for hot tubs



IPS WELD.ON 725 Spa Glue

IPS WELD.ON C-65 Spa Pipe Cleaner




Both the glue and the cement come with applicator brushes inside the can ready for use.

The Hot Glue / Cement comes in a 240ml can and can be used as a glue for PVC, CPVC and ABS pipe and fittings use in conjunction with IPS Weldon cleaner which is a 500ml can.

Application Method

  1. Make sure all areas are dry
  2. Clean all sections to be glued of debris (i.e. insulating foam or dirt)
  3. Clean with Weldon Pipe Cleaner on both surfaces
  4. Apply glue to both faces plus liberally, you can always wipe the excess off, but you can't apply more after
  5. Push together as soon as glue is applied
  6. Wipe of excess and leave to dry
  7. Bond achieved in 5 minutes
  8. Water can be put back in after 40 minutes
  9. Full strength after 24 hours.

Top tip: apply glue to the female joint first, this can then be put down whilst apply glue to the pipe.

Please be aware: Highly Flammable and Irritant

This guide was written by Jon Pennington @ Hot Tub Help Ltd for the Website

Please note all Hot tub Parts sold are UK Spec, which means designed for 230 V at 50Hz