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Whether you are replacing a broken heater, upgrading to a new heater or just repairing an old one, we have everything you need right here. We stock top brands like Gecko, Balboa and LX who are all known for their reliability and performance.

We also stock a range of elements, seals, sensors and switches so you can repair a faulty heater and get your hot tub steaming again..


Hot Tub and Spa Heaters and Parts FAQ's

Can I replace my hot tub or spa heater?

Factory fitted heaters are a little like the stereo you get in a new car. It does the job but you can easily change it for something more powerful to give your hot tub water the injection of heat you need. Over time, your hot tub heater may degrade and lose efficiency so upgrading or replacing your heater is like having a new hot tub, only much cheaper.

How do I know if I need a new hot tub heater?

There are three tell tale signs that your heater is in need of replacing. The first obvious sign is that your water isn’t getting up to temperature at all. Now this could be because of your pump or your heater so check those first. Secondly, the temperature of your hot tub water is fluctuating. You may be fooled into thinking it’s just a glitch or that your heater needs replacing. Not necessarily. It could be your sensors (they go quite often) or your thermostat, so check those first.

Lastly, your hot tub gets hot initially, but then loses heat. Again, this could be a faulty heater, but it could also be your thermostat or heat sensors so check these before buying a new heater.

How easy is it to replace my hot tub heater?

If you have fairly good DIY skills you can replace your hot tub heater fairly easily. Please check out our blog on choosing parts for your hot tub before buying a new heater or sensor. As long as you have the right part for your system it should be quite straightforward. If you are at all unsure, get a professional to do it.

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