Hot Tub plumbing, unions, pipes and fittings

Hot Tub Plumbing

Apart from all the major components, your hot tub is made up of pipes, unions, gaskets, valves and other plumbing fittings. So if you are repairing, upgrading or building a new hot tub, you will find everything that you need right here from a range of reliable, quality brands that will keep your hot tub running smoothly.

Make sure you have the right plumbing dimensions for your hot tub before selecting the parts that you need. Use our handy how to guides to find out the size of your plumbing, the right union for your tub, gluing your hot tub plumbing or fixing a leaky pipe. You can also check out our blogs on plumbing fittings or fixing a leak for more info.

Hot Tub Plumbing FAQ's

What size plumbing do I need for my hot tub?

Plumbing for your hot tub can be measured in imperial or metric. Imperial sizes range from 1/2” to 2” but be sure to measure the outside diameter to get the right fitting for you. Use our handy guide to help you find the fittings that you need.

Do I need flex or rigid pipes for my hot tub?

Flex pipes are used to connect to all of your jets so they can bend around your internal components. Rigid pipes are used on the suction manifold because it is under more pressure and a flex pipe could collapse.

What kind of glue do I need to use to create a watertight seal?

We recommend you use a wet or dry cement glue which is specifically designed for plumbing. Have a look at what we have in stock here: Glue product page

Useful Links

How to guides for plumbing size, union guide, gluing and fixing a leaky pipe.

Blogs on plumbing fittings and fixing a leak

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