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Hot Tub Plumbing, Unions, Pipe, Fittings and Glue

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From small jobs to big jobs we have connectors and canisters that will help you fix you hot tub quickly and give a permanent result if using the right glue and components designed for hot tubs. The following components consist of pump and heater unions and gaskets (seals), gate valves, air valves, plumbing fittings that fit everything from 1/2" pipe all the way upto 2" pipe, as well as the larger stuff like replacement hot tub filter canisters. However if you find all this a bit tricky, just send us an image and we can tell you the parts you require.


Hot tub plumbing doesn't have to be hard work, send us a picture via the contact page above and we well get our in-house technical engineer to give you a break down of all the parts you need. Click Here for more detail

For more detail on how to get the correct plumbing parts, how to glue them together and articles on repairing plumbing please check out or "Guides and Videos" Here - Hot Tub Repair Guides and Videos

Please note all Hot tub Parts sold are UK Spec, which means designed for 230 V at 50Hz

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