Hot Tub Servicing

We can remove the risk of expensive breakdown repairs…….

Get your hot tub or spa serviced now, with one of our competitive service packages. We leave no stone unturned when looking for leaks, plumbing problems and making sure your tub works in perfect condition. We pride ourselves in our complete thorough approach and look forward to looking after your hot tub like its one of our own. From leak repair, pump repair to general cleaning and maintenance we offer service packages to suit all.

Spa Breakdown Service

Quarterly Service

Full Hot Tub Service

Our breakdown service is designed to repair any problem you report to us. This can range from your hot tub not heating, to a faulty jet or hot tub leaks. We will drain down, clean, and refill your hot tub. We also add a Biofilm Eliminator when we arrive along with a shock dose and balance out your chemicals just before we leave.
We will give your spa a complete overhaul. You receive the same service as a Quarterly Service, plus other extras.

What to do next!

Please choose from one of the packages below. If you have a query please call or fill in the contact form for a quick response.

What happens after the form is filled in.

One of our friendly service staff will give you a call to get some more detail and confirm your address and book you in. To make this process as smooth as possible please give as much detail as possible as to how we can help.

Free fitting service

As part of our complete service, if we find any worn or defective parts we will fit these labour free (although the part itself may be chargeable). We will, however, keep you informed of any additional work or parts that may be necessary and under no circumstance will any additional work will be carried out without your prior consent.

*Complete Services also include small seals and cleaning materials, larger parts and components are charged as extra.

Area Covered

We service hot tubs in the vast majority of the UK from Plymouth to Newcastle upon Tyne (Including London)

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Package Details

*Please note, a complete service takes around 3 to 3 1/2 hours, more complex time-consuming repairs may incur additional labour charges.

Quarterly Service
Full Service
Biofilm Eliminator added to water on arrival, along with shock dose After a long period of heavy use, your hot tub will build up a layer of dirt and fats that will sit in the pipework unnoticed (the parts you don't see). This product helps to clean inside the pipework.
Filters are put into soak in cleaning solution This solution is provided by Spafix UK, older filters may need to be replaced and are available at an additional cost.
Every jet is checked and cleaned to regain optimum performance levelEvery effort is made to clear each individual water jet of grit and dirt and to ensure that they can be moved freely and are as close to original performance level as possible.
Full maintenance and performance check All pumps, blowers, and other major components are electronically measured for performance and each component is inspected for wear and tear. We also listen for abnormal noise and inspect that they are still water tight. cross
Pipework and glue joint inspectionThis ensures there are no leaks, kinks, or bends in the pipework. cross
Empty, clean, rinse down, and vacuum out the spaThis also includes vacuuming out the cabinet inspection area. tick
Make notes of suggested repairs, and carry out repairs agreed with customerComponents, plumbing fittings, and so on are additional to the service cost. If repair work is likely to exceed one hour then additional labour charges may be applicable. If major work is required then we may need to visit again at a later date. cross
Clean out head out circulation pump and check heater is clear and free of scale cross
Tighten all unions, inspect and replace any small seals if requiredGaskets and o-rings are included in the service charge, pump shaft seals are extra cross
Re-fill the hot tub with fresh water, rinse and re-fit filters
Prime all pumps of air and re-commission
Balance water using customer chemicals, and sign off the service with the customerChemicals are also available to buy if required, along with extras like a new hot tub cover, hot tub cover lifter, or hot tub accessories.
Wipe clean and replace the cover, then apply 303 protection solution cross

Our engineers always have extra filters and chemicals with them


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