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Hot Tub Water and Air Jets

Your water jets are what makes your hot tub so relaxing and therapeutic. Whether you need to replace your jets or need to repair old ones, we stock Hot Tub Water Jets and Parts to keep those jets firing.

Hot Tub Jet FAQ's

How do I replace the water jets in my hot tub?

Relacing jets is a quick and easy task but if you are at all unsure, we recommend getting a professional in to do the job for you. However, you should be able to replace your jets fairly easily. First, you need to turn off your tub. You do not need to drain the water to replace your jets. To remove the jet, twist the jet counter-clockwise to release the jet from its housing. It will either be a click and twist fixing or a threaded fixing. After removing the jet, put it face down on a level surface. Line up the notched tab on the new jet with the jet housing and then turn clockwise to secure the jet back in place.

What size or type of water jet do I need?

To make sure you buy the right jet, measure the jet height, and the diameter of the jet before choosing a new one. It is always best to remove the old jet first so you can clearly see which jet will fit your hot tub.

Do I need a complete new water jet for my hot tub?

Not always. The problem could be with the diffuser. In that case you just need to buy a new diffuser for your jet. Follow the steps above and take down the measurements of your jet before buying a new diffuser. Use our handy how-to video to help you fit your new diffuser to your jet. You will also find more information about jets on our blog page.

Useful Links

Link to blog page for blogs on hot tub jets

Link to video link on how to guide on replacing diffuser

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