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Volt FX-2 Spa Vac

Volt FX-2 Spa Vac£76.50

Cordless Spa Broom

Balboa SpaTouch Panel

Balboa SpaTouch Panel£405.00

Balboa 50587

Balboa TP400-W Topside Control

Balboa TP400-W Topside Control£139.00

Balboa 50259

LX SWIM025 0.5HP Pool Pump

LX SWIM025 0.5HP Pool Pump£147.00

LX SWIM035 0.75HP Pool Pump

LX SWIM035 0.75HP Pool Pump£160.00

LX SWIM050 1HP Pool Pump

LX SWIM050 1HP Pool Pump£165.00

LX SWIM100 1.5HP Pool Pump

LX SWIM100 1.5HP Pool Pump£186.00

LX SWIM150 2HP Pool Pump

LX SWIM150 2HP Pool Pump£198.00

LX WE10 Pump

LX WE10 Pump£79.85

3/4" Connections

WP400-I LX 4HP Single Speed Pump

WP400-I LX 4HP Single Speed Pump£248.50

WP500-II LX 5HP Dual Speed Pump

WP500-II LX 5HP Dual Speed Pump£335.00

Bromicharge 2.2kg

Bromicharge 2.2kg£59.00

Sodium Bromide

Darlly Duck

Darlly Duck£3.40

Prevent scum line forming

Genesis Air Blower G70 - 700W Heated

Genesis Air Blower G70 - 700W Heated£220.00


Insta Test Strips 4 Way

Insta Test Strips 4 Way£8.60

Chlorine/ Bromine, Alkalinity, pH and Hardness

Large Pool Tablet Dispenser

Large Pool Tablet Dispenser£5.90

Pool Floating Bromine/ Chlorine

Lo-Chlor Leak Sealer

Lo-Chlor Leak Sealer£23.50

Nature2 SPA Stick Mineral Sanitizer

Nature2 SPA Stick Mineral Sanitizer£23.50

Reduces Chlorine requirement

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Page 1 of 1:    18 Items
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