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Lights and Housings

Hot tub and Spa Lighting and Light Options - Note all lights are 12V (Low Voltage) for safety purposes except for floating lights that work on battery.

Check the electrics and seals before replacing a Light on a hot tub or spa, the fault may have been caused by a leak and might have simply blown a small fuse.

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2 Pin AMP Connector

2 Pin AMP Connector£2.60   £2.34

7 LED Balboa Spa Light Bulb

7 LED Balboa Spa Light Bulb£39.00   £35.10  (3)

Arctic 9'' Light Lens

Arctic 9" Light Lens£27.80   £25.02  (2)

Lens converter

Balboa 22 LED Spa Light

Balboa 22 LED Spa Light£59.00   £53.10  (3)

Balboa Control Panel Bulb

Balboa Control Panel Bulb£2.00   £1.80  (5)

Balboa EFX Light Extendable Bulb Holder

Balboa EFX Light Extendable Bulb Holder£19.50   £17.55

Clear Light Bulb

Clear Light Bulb£2.80   £2.52

Underwater Light Show

Underwater Light Show£17.51  (4)

Underwater Light Show and Fountain

Underwater Light Show and Fountain£43.50  (3)

Underwater Light Starship

Underwater Light Starship£36.48

Waterway 3 1/4'' Light Lens

Waterway 3 1/4" Light Lens£18.00   £16.20  (1)

Waterway 3 1/4'' Light Lens (front Access)

Waterway 3 1/4" Light Lens (front Access)£22.50   £20.25

Waterway 5'' Light Lens

Waterway 5" Light Lens£36.00   £32.40  (7)


Page 1 of 1:    13 Items

Please note all Hot tub Parts sold are UK Spec, which means designed for 230 V at 50Hz

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