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Loyalty Points Guide

The following guide defines how to use the loyalty points you have acquired on Hot Tub DIY.

What are loyalty points

Loyalty points are given to customers after they have purchased something on the store, the points are set to 3 percent return on the store purchases to members, this means if you spend £100 we give you back £3 off your next order, the minimum points that can be spent is 100 points.


Please Note: Loyalty points currently only on Chemicals, Filters and Fragrances

We also occasionally give away points via email and online promotions so make sure you add us to your Facebook Likes and Twitter Favorite's.

Where to find them

After buying something on the store the order has to be completed, by this we mean shipped and allowed a 2 day cooling of period.

The points will then be added to your account, to see the points click on 'your account' in the top right corner of any page and once your your account it will show 3 options, 'personal information', Event Reminders' (only used for events) and 'order information',

Loyalty points in account page


click on order information and if the loyalty points have been added they will show just under the text and above your orders.

Loyalty point location

How to use your loyalty points

The points are used as a form of discount, and are totaled up and discounted after you have placed an order in your basket at the bottom.

loyalty points in basket

To add them simply click on the box on the bottom right just above the orange check out box.

The points will then be converted to cash and show in the pricing inside the basket.

shopping basket loyalty points

Please note loyalty points only last 12 months.

To remove the points / discount simply un-tick the box.

Please keep an eye out for free loyalty points on promotional emails, Facebook and Twitter.

Please note all Hot tub Parts sold are UK Spec, which means designed for 230 V at 50Hz

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