LX LP & WP Pumps

LX Pump Spec This is a selection of the larger LX hot tub pumps that are available, including 1 and 2 speed pumps, ranging from 1.5hp to 5hp motors.

LX make a range of reliable pumps to replace and to repair other Chinese Pumps as well as American hot tub pumps. most of the pumps on this page fit 2" plumbing meaning the unions are deigned to connect to size 2" plumbing (see guides for more detail), apart from the 5hp pump which fits the larger 2.5" plumbing for obvious reasons of a larger internal diameter pipe.

Why choose LX pumps? The pumps are as reliable as any other brand currently available in the industry at a more realistic price and the spares also very affordable, the dimensions are very similar to the american brands Waterway and Aquaflo, and the Union sizes are identical

The diagram on the left shows the dimensions, KW, Hmax, Qmax and HP of the pumps on this page.

For more detail about LX pumps please see the listings below or get in touch via our contact page.

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LX LP150 Pump
  More than 10 in stock
£192.44   £189.00

1.5hp 1 Speed Pump

LX LP200 Pump
  More than 10 in stock

2hp 1 Speed Pump

LX LP250 Pump
  More than 10 in stock
£239.17   £199.00

2.5hp 1 Speed Pump

LX LP300 Pump
  More than 10 in stock
£258.01   £249.00

3hp 1 Speed Pump

LX WP200-II Pump
  More than 10 in stock
£305.62   £299.00

2hp 2 Speed Pump

LX Wp250-II Pump
  More than 10 in stock
£329.65   £329.00

2.5hp 2 Speed Pump

LX WP300-II Pump
  More than 10 in stock

3hp 2 Speed Pump

LX WP500-II Pump
  More than 10 in stock
£435.90   £419.00

5hp 2 Speed Pump


Page 1 of 1:    8 Items

LX Hot Tub Pumps are now proven quality and used on many of the big brands available in the UK, BUy them online at Hot Tub DIy at fantastic prices.

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