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LX Hot Tub PartsLx Hot Tub Parts

Hot Tub DIY stock one of the largest collections of LX Parts available online, we have everything from heaters to pumps to spares.

LX have not been around for many years however their components can now be found in the best brands of hot tubs / spas sold in UK and the reason they are so common is that they are easily affordable and extremely reliable.

If you need help finding the right hot tub part for a repair then please get in touch via our online contact us page above.

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1.5'' Chinese Union
3kw LX Heater Element

Fits all LX Heaters

AP400 LX Air Blower
AP700 LX Air Blower
AP900 LX Air Blower
APR800 LX Air Blower


DH1.0 Pump Shaft Seal Kit
DH1.0 Whirlpool Pump
EA350 LX Pump
EA450 LX Pump
JA100 LX 1 Speed 1HP Pump
JA35 LX 1 Speed .35HP Pump
JA50 LX  1 Speed .5HP Pump
JA75 LX Speed .75HP Pump
LP150 LX 1 Speed 1.5HP Pump
LP200 LX 1 Speed 2HP Pump
LP250 LX 1 Speed 2.5HP Pump
LP300 LX 1 Speed 3HP Pump
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Page 1 of 4:    71 Items

Hot Tub Repair doesnt have to be difficult, get in touch if you need some help and we will explain how to test and replace the parts that you have broken.

Please note all Hot tub Parts sold are UK Spec, which means designed for 230 V at 50Hz