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Hot Tub Leaf Skimmer ImageChoose from our range of maintenance tools to keep your hot tub clean and ready to go. We stock a range of skimmers, spa vacs, scum balls and sponges, thermometers and wipes to make sure your hot tub experience is perfect every time.

Order one of our Spa Life and Hot Tub complete maintenance kits which has everything you will need to keep your hot tub clean and clear of dirt and grime.

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Hot Tub Maintenance FAQs

How do I get rid of scum in my hot tub water?

It is advisable to shower before getting into your hot tub in order to reduce any dirt or contaminants getting into your water. Suntan lotion, moisturiser, dirt and fluff can quickly accumulate, creating scummy water. One way to get rid of this unwanted scum is to use a scum ball or a scum sponge. You can either place one of these in your skimmer basket or just let them float on the surface of your tub and they will remove the build up of scum for you.

How do I use a spa vac?

A spa vac is ideal for getting any little bits of grit, stone or leaf at the bottom of your tub. We stock three types of spa vac to suit any budget. There are rechargeable spa vacs, battery powered spa vacs, or vacuum powered spa vacs that don’t require electrical power. The powered spa vacs suck in the water and debris which is caught in a filter. You then remove the filter and clean it out before using it again. The vacuum powered spa vac sucks in water and debris, you remove it from the spa, let the water drain out and the dirt is captured in a filter. You can repeat this process a few times before you need to clean the filter.

Can I use household cleaning products to clean my hot tub?

We recommend that you only use products specifically designed for cleaning hot tubs and spas as household cleaning products are not pH neutral so they could affect the quality of your water.

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