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Hot tub jets can be complex or they can be simple, read these guides to give you confidence to replace and repair hot tub jets, also how to measure them to get the correct ones that fit easily.

Saturday, 27 February 2016  |  Jon Pennington
Hot Tub Jets

One of the essential parts of a hot tub are the jets. Basically, this is what differentiates a hot tub from a mere bath tub. Water gets channelled from a pump and goes into the tub through these jets. Jets are hydrotherapy for hot tub users as they get to enjoy a massage just by sitting in the water.

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Monday, 29 September 2014  |  Jon Pennington
Hot Tub Jets | An Overview

Hot tub jets direct a stream of water to desired parts of your body to provide a relaxing and / or stimulating experience. By varying the pressure and thus the quantity of water from the jets, you can obtain different massaging experiences. The neck and lower back, where muscles often get tense, are typical targets for the relaxing water massage.

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