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Other Heaters

Here are the other heaters that don't fit into our main categories of hot tub and spa heaters, their are many heaters for hot tubs, we can't show them all but can offer advice if you need a replacement. Email or call now.

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Arctic Spas 3.6KW Curved Heater

Arctic Spas 3.6KW Curved Heater£255.00   £245.00  (1)

Arctic Spas 3.6KW Heater

Arctic Spas 3.6KW Heater£275.00   £255.00

HydroQuip Spa Heater

Cal Spa Heater 2.5kw

Cal Spa Heater 2.5kw£130.05   £121.00

Correct Tech Heater 2kW

Correct Tech Heater 2kW£75.00  (1)

Other Name Mini Max

Dimension One 2.1 - 3.4kW Reflections Heater

Dimension One 2.1 - 3.4kW Reflections Heater£233.10   £227.00

Elecro Nano 3kw heater

Elecro Nano 3kw heater£435.00

Thermostatically Controlled

HW02 Heater

HW02 Heater£270.00

Hydroquip 1.5KW Heater (Watkins No fault)

Hydroquip 1.5KW Heater (Watkins No fault)£495.00   £475.00

Hot Spring Replacement

Spa Power SP600/601 1.5kW Heater

Spa Power SP600/601 1.5kW Heater£262.00   £245.00

Spa Power SP600/601 2kW Heater

Spa Power SP600/601 2kW Heater£262.00   £245.00

Spa Power SP600/601 3kW Heater

Spa Power SP600/601 3kW Heater£262.00   £245.00

Sundance Low Flo 2.7kW Heater

Sundance Low Flo 2.7kW Heater£164.00   £153.00

Sundance/Jacuzzi Low Flo 2.7kW Heater

Sundance/Jacuzzi Low Flo 2.7kW Heater£193.00   £183.00


Thermcore 1.5kw flow heater

Thermcore 1.5kw flow heater£68.85  (1)

Used on Haliburton Spas


Page 1 of 1:    14 Items

Please note all Hot tub Parts sold are UK Spec, which means designed for 230 V at 50Hz

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