Hot Tub Circuit Boards

Balboa Circuit BoardIncluded on this page: Balboa, Gecko, Aeware and Correct Tech PCB's

If you require a replacement circuit board for your hot tub /spa we can help, please take a look at the following circuit boards specifically for hot tub control box's or get in touch if you need help to get the correct one.

Note: To get the correct board see the sticker on the board and not the number on the green part of the circuit board

Next day delivery available on all in stock items.

Replacing a circuit board on your hot tub can be complicated however if you send a picture of your board to our in-house technical engineer he will send you a link to the correct part you need. Go to Contact Page

For more detail on how to get the right circuit Balboa board for your hot tub, or how to test them and articles on general articles repairing hot tubs please check out or "Guides and Videos" page  - Hot Tub Repair Guides and Videos