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Printed Circuit Boards

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Balboa 2005 LE M7 PCB

Balboa 2005 LE M7 PCB£335.00

Balboa 52422 PCB

Balboa BP2100 PCB

Balboa BP2100 PCB£461.00


Balboa BP601G1 PCB

Balboa BP601G1 PCB£401.00

56500 or 56500-02

Balboa Elite M7 3 pump PCB

Balboa Elite M7 3 pump PCB£376.00

53305 PCB

Balboa GL2000 mach3 PCB

Balboa GL2000 mach3 PCB£377.50

Fits Metal Box

Balboa GL2000 Mach3 PCB

Balboa GL2000 Mach3 PCB£445.00  (2)

Fits Plastic Control Box

Balboa GL8000 PCB

Balboa GL8000 PCB£567.00

Balboa GS500Z PCB

Balboa GS500Z PCB£304.00  (1)

Balboa 54510 PCB

Balboa GS501SZ PCB

Balboa GS501SZ PCB£314.00


Balboa GS501Z PCB

Balboa GS501Z PCB£307.00

Balboa GS510DZ PCB

Balboa GS510DZ PCB£325.00

55107 - 55416

Balboa GS510SZ PCB

Balboa GS510SZ PCB£312.00


Balboa GS523DZ PCB

Balboa GS523DZ PCB£314.00


Balboa Lite Leader PCB

Balboa Lite Leader PCB£185.00  (1)

Balboa 64146 PCB

Balboa M3 2 pump PCB

Balboa M3 2 pump PCB£359.00

54126 PCB

Balboa M3 PCB

Balboa M3 PCB£355.00

2 Pump PCB

Balboa MRSPA1 PCB 2 Pump

Balboa MRSPA1 PCB 2 Pump£245.00

Balboa 51997 PCB

Balboa SF050 PCB

Balboa SF050 PCB£185.00

Balboa 52078 PCB

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Compare Selected        Show All Products

Page 1 of 2:    26 Items

Please note all Hot tub Parts sold are UK Spec, which means designed for 230 V at 50Hz

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