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Need a new capacitor to repair your hot tub or spa pump? We have next day delivery on hot tub parts, spa spares, chemicals and filters. New spa and hot tub capacitors

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10uF Pump Capacitor

10uF Pump Capacitor£4.59  (1)

14uF Pump Capacitor

14uF Pump Capacitor£5.49  (3)

16uF Pump Capacitor

16uF Pump Capacitor£6.34  (7)

20uF Pump Capacitor

20uF Pump Capacitor£7.02  (1)

25uF Pump Capacitor

25uF Pump Capacitor£7.58

30uF Pump Capacitor

30uF Pump Capacitor£7.65

35uF Pump Capacitor

35uF Pump Capacitor£9.24

40uF Pump Capacitor

40uF Pump Capacitor£10.80  (1)

45uF Pump Capacitor

45uF Pump Capacitor£11.34

50 63 MFD Pump Capacitor

50 63 MFD Pump Capacitor£10.26

50uF Pump Capacitor

50uF Pump Capacitor£12.20

53 64 MFD Pump Capacitor

53 64 MFD Pump Capacitor£17.80

5uF Pump Capacitor

5uF Pump Capacitor£3.79

8uF Pump Capacitor

8uF Pump Capacitor£5.04


Page 1 of 1:    14 Items

Please note all Hot tub Parts sold are UK Spec, which means designed for 230 V at 50Hz

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