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Lubricants & Silicon

To achieve a professional results why not use the same silicon and lubricants that the engineers in America and the UK use on a daily basis. These hot tub parts will enable you to repair or build more easily. Sold in convenient sizes to reduce wastage and handy enough to carry in tool boxes.

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Aladdin Magic Lube

Aladdin Magic Lube£9.92

Teflon Blue - PTFE Based

Hydra-Slip Lubricant

Hydra-Slip Lubricant£15.44

Formulated for Plastics and Rubber

Silicone 450 Everflex

Silicone 450 Everflex£7.38


U.S. Seal P80 Lubricant Single Dose

U.S. Seal P80 Lubricant Single Dose£2.02

U.S. Sealube 10ml

U.S. Sealube 10ml£11.36  (1)


Page 1 of 1:    5 Items