Spa Active Oxygen System


Odourless, easy to use and kind to the eyes and skin.

Water Testing

Water testing is a very important part of the spa water treatment regime. Test the active oxygen level with a LaMotte lnsta -TEST® Monopersulphate, Alkalinity & pH test strip one hour after adding the Active Oxygen Tablets (A) and ensure it is within the range 5 - 1 Omg/1 As well as sanitiser level, it is also important to control the pH & alkalinity of the spa water in order to provide optimal bather comfort and protect the spa and equipment from aggressive water conditions. More detailed information on water balance and other aspects of spa maintainance may be found 1n the F1-Clor Spa Owner's Handbook.

Routine Oxidation

Although the Fi-Clor Spa Active Oxygen System will provide safe, sparkling clear spa water, 1t is strongly recommended that a weekly shock oxidation is carried out in order to break down non-filterable contaminants such as grease, oils and body fats.
The ideal product for this purpose is a 35g sachet of Fi-Clor Spa Oxy-Brite® which contains chlorine, active oxygen and a clarifier.

✔ Safe, sparkling clear spa water
✔ Odourless
✔ Easy to use
✔ Kind to eyes, skin and hair
✔ No unpleasant by-products such as chloramines
✔ Suitable for all types of spa.

The Fi-Chlor Spa Active Oxygen System

The Fi-Clor Spa Act ive Oxygen system is a gentle alternative to chlorine or bromine sanitisers. It is odourless, easy to use and kind to eyes, skin and hair.
The system does not generate unpleasant by-products such as chloramines which are frequently associated with chlorine disinfection. Comprising of Fi-Clor Spa Active Oxygen Tablets (A) and Fi-Clor Spa Activator Liquid (B), the system will provide safe, sparkling clear spa water. Users of this system are also advised to add a sachet of Fi-Clor Spa Oxy-Brite® on a weekly basis in order to eliminate non-filterable spa contaminants.

Converting a spa to Fi-Clor Active Oxygen

When converting a spa that is already in use to Fi-Clor Spa Active Oxygen, best results are obtained by first draining and rinsing the spa to remove all traces of the previous chemical treatment. Then on refilling with fresh water, first shock treat with chlorine to 5-1Omg/1 or add one Fi-Clor Spa Oxy-Brite® sachet. The chlorine level should then be allowed to fall to 5mg/1 or below before commencing treatment with F1-Clor Spa Active Oxygen.
New spas will have invariably been factory wet tested and small amounts of water can remain out of site in the pipework system. This along with contamination picked up in transit can give rise to unwanted bacterial growth which must be eradicated before the spa is put into service.

Commissioning a new spa on Fi-Clor Active Oxygen

When filling your spa for the first time (commissioning) a shock chlorination should be carried out on the cold fresh water F1-Clor Superchlorinator-Shock Pot 1s an ideal product for this purpose as its uns tab1lised chlorine donors will deliver the maximum eff ect1veness. The free available chlorine level should be taken to either 25mg/l (ppm) for a m1n1mum of two hours, or SOmg/1 (ppm) for a minimum of one hour During shock chlor1nat1on, the pH should be maintained within the range of 72 - 7.6 in order to ensure maximum effectiveness of the disinfection process.
It's important that after the one or two hour shock chlorination period, the spa is drained, thoroughly flushed and refilled with fresh water. If this is not possible, the chlorine level should be reduced using Fi-Clor Chlorine/Bromine Reducer (sodium thiosulphate), or alternatively the spa may be left with the cover off and the chlorine level allowed to fall naturally The spa should then be drained, thoroughly flushed and refilled with fresh water as above.

Dosing with Fi-Clor Active Oxygen

The Fi-Clor Active Oxygen system comprises 2 components;
Fi-Clor Spa Active Oxygen Tablets (A) and Fi-Clor Spa Activator Liquid (B). The Tablets (A) are dosed via a floating dispenser or skimmer (if fitted) prior to bathing and the Activator (B) is added weekly directly to the spa with the circulation running. Start up doses of both (A) and (B) are required and during periods of high use, additional Tablets.
(A) are added

 Active Oxygen Tablets (A) per 1,000 litres
Initial dose Prior to use High Use
2 Tablets 1 Tablets

2 Tablets

 Activator Liquid (B) per 1,000 litres
Initial dose Weekly Dose
30ml 30ml

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