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Hot Tub Control System

Circuit Boards, Touch Panels, Sensors, Cables and Fuses

Whether you need a completely a new control box, control panel or parts to fix a broken one, we have all the leading brands and all the latest technologies right here. We stock a wide range of Balboa and Gecko control boxes, including the latest control panels to keep your hot tub running efficiently. Why not have a look at our latest Balboa control box and control panel bundles that use the latest diagnostics and wi-fi connectivity to maintain and control your hot tub.

We also stock a range of circuit boards, sensors, wires, fuses switches and transformers to get your hot tub working again.

All orders over £50 are delivered for free.

Hot Tub Control System FAQ's

Can I upgrade the control panel on my hot tub?

With basic DIY skills, you should be able to upgrade your control panel on your hot tub or spa. It’s a relatively simple process. Have a look at our blog on upgrading your system or our how-to guide on installing a new control panel for more advice and guidance. If you are at all unsure, please get a professional.

What type of control box do I need?

As long as the control box will physically fit in your hot tub set up, you can upgrade your hot tub control box with any of the Balboa or Gecko systems that we stock. These are particularly good for upgrading a Chinese hot tub, as they are quality control boxes, with the latest features that are easy to install and maintain. Please see our how-to guide on installing a Balboa hot tub control box and our blog on Upgrading a Chinese control system.

Is it easy to change a control panel?

Yes it is, most are just stuck down and connect to the circuit board with a simple push clip.

Useful Links

Link to how to guides page for Balboa hot tub control panel and control box

Link to how to guides page for How to get and replace a control panel

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