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Hot Tub Filters

Hot Tub Filter FinderWe are pleased to be able to offer a great selection of filters to suit most hot tubs and spas. Please take your time and look through the images and then compare the sizes on the individual product specifications. If you are worried about getting the wrong one please don't worry, either send an email or call with the dimensions or code that you have. Call us if you need any technical advice. Next day UK delivery as standard.

Searching - type a manufacturers product code into the search box on the navigation bar or type 'filter' into to change the left column into filterable options. *New* Click on compare under up to 4 filters to see their specification together.

To find a filter by its size or fittings please click here: Hot Tub Filter Finder refine your search by choosing options on the left hand side.

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PWW50L Filter

PWW50L Filter£35.05  (1)

5CH-35 Filter

5CH-35 Filter£26.00  (1)

PWW50 with fine thread

C4950 Filter

C4950 Filter£27.50  (11)

PWW50 Filter

PWW50 Filter£27.50  (15)

AquaSafe Pre Filter

AquaSafe Pre Filter£24.95  (2)

C-4335 Filter

C-4335 Filter£25.40  (4)

Darlly / 40353

4ch-24 Filter

4ch-24 Filter£21.10

Darlly / 40260

6CH-960 Jacuzzi 300 Series Filter

6CH-960 Jacuzzi 300 Series Filter£37.00  (1)

Aquaspa Replacement Filter

Aquaspa Replacement Filter£12.12

C-4326 Filter

C-4326 Filter£19.30  (1)

C-4975 Filter

C-4975 Filter£45.50

Hayward C500 Filter

Hayward C500 Filter£45.50

Unicel - C-7656

Sundance MicroClean I Disposable Filter

Sundance MicroClean I Disposable Filter£14.80

Pair C-4401 Filters

Pair C-4401 Filters£29.00  (1)

Pleatco PRB17.5

5CH-45 Filter

5CH-45 Filter£30.50  (1)

Darlly / 50452

5CH-502 Filter

5CH-502 Filter£34.50  (2)

6CH-47 Filter

6CH-47 Filter£35.10

6CH-502 Filter

6CH-502 Filter£35.80  (1)

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Page 1 of 3:    44 Items

Darlly Hot Tub FiltersThese spa filters are made by Darlly which means the paper is high quality (made by ReeMay). Which simply means they last longer!

Please note all Hot tub Parts sold are UK Spec, which means designed for 230 V at 50Hz

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