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Spaform PCB upgrade

If you are unlucky enough to have a Spaform hot tub with the older Elite Balboa PCB and you need to replace this then this guide is for you.

The current list of discontinued Spaform / Balboa boards includes: SF100 SF172 and Sf273 circuit boards.

The following control system upgrades are designed to give you the easiest method to replace your current M3 Balboa control system and bring it up to the new M7 Balboa control system that you can get spares for.

Note the only other thing you would need to change would be the cable ends, because the hot tub parts now connect directly onto the board using a 4 pin AMP connector instead of the old grey JJ plugs that go into the side.

This consist in most cases of simply having to change the control box that has a new circuit board heater and sensors built in.

SF100 If you have 2 pumps you need a GS510SZ and if you have 3 a GS523DZ (also need to change panel to VL801D), as well as new cable end connectors Note: If 2 speed go for the box, but it might be simpler to upgrade to Complete Gs523DZ system if 3 pumps.
SF172 1 Pump system only you will need Either a GS500Z or GS501Z control box, which works with your existing control panel. New cable ends also required. Note: Easy Upgrade.
SF273 Change to a GS523DZ control box, and change cable ends to connect to the board. Note Really Easy Upgrade

Link to 4 pin amp connectors

This guide was written by Jon Pennington @ Hot Tub Help Ltd for the Website

Please note all Hot tub Parts sold are UK Spec, which means designed for 230 V at 50Hz