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Spazazz Water Therapy Elixir

Let our fresh blend of zesty botanicals and refreshing vitamins take you to the peak of all of the benefits contained within! Our Water Therapy Elixirs will bring a relaxing end to a long day, or a soothing experience to any indulgence. Nothing beats our fragrant blend of natural extracts fused with our own special mixture of vitamins and minerals. Relax and enjoy while you allow our Spazazz Water Therapy Elixir to do the rest!

Oil Free, Spa Safe, All natural ingredients designed to help you relax and unwind.

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Spazazz Ben-e-fit Elixir

Spazazz Ben-e-fit Elixir£13.20

244ml Bottle

Spazazz De-sire Elixir

Spazazz De-sire Elixir£13.20

244ml Bottle

Spazazz Pam-per Elixir

Spazazz Pam-per Elixir£13.20

244ml Bottle

Spazazz Pow-er Elixir

Spazazz Pow-er Elixir£13.20

244ml Bottle

Spazazz Re-fresh Elixir

Spazazz Re-fresh Elixir£13.20

244ml Bottle

Spazazz Re-lax Elixir

Spazazz Re-lax Elixir£13.20

244ml Bottle

Page 1 of 1:    6 Items

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