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Air Button - low profile white

Air Button - low profile white£30.30  (1)

For Long Distances

Air Button - Mini White Raised

Air Button - Mini White Raised£8.90  (1)

Basic on /off function

Air Switch Pipe

Air Switch Pipe£1.40

Air Switch TBS106A  16 AMP SPNO

Air Switch TBS106A 16 AMP SPNO£9.50  (2)

Air Switch TBS108

Air Switch TBS108£19.80

16 AMP - Double Pole, Single Throw

Air Switch TBS123A

Air Switch TBS123A£9.80

16 AMP - Single Pole, Double Throw

Air Switch TBS125A

Air Switch TBS125A£20.50

16 AMP - Double Pole Double Throw

Air Switch TBS132A

Air Switch TBS132A£12.50

Long Distance - On / Off Switch

Air Switch TBS135A

Air Switch TBS135A£12.50  (1)

Long Distance - On / Off Switch

Mini Air Button Domed Chrome

Mini Air Button Domed Chrome£16.70  (3)

Mini Air Button Flat Chrome

Mini Air Button Flat Chrome£18.10  (1)

Mini Air Button Flat White

Mini Air Button Flat White£8.50  (2)

Tecmark Pressure Switch

Tecmark Pressure Switch£23.50  (3)

3902 - 3903

Tecmark Pressure Switch 4037P

Tecmark Pressure Switch 4037P£27.50

White Mini Air Button Domed

White Mini Air Button Domed£8.30  (1)


Page 1 of 1:    16 Items

Please note all Hot tub Parts sold are UK Spec, which means designed for 230 V at 50Hz

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