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Water Testing

All hot tubs need their water testing regularly, here are selection of test strips for hot tubs and spa water, chlorine and bromine test strips.

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AquaChek 6-in-1 Test Strips

AquaChek 6-in-1 Test Strips£9.85

Total Hardness, Total Chlorine, Total Bromine, Chlorine, pH, and Total Alkalinity

AquaChek MPS Test Strips

AquaChek MPS Test Strips£14.80  (1)

For Monopersulfate Testing

AquaSparkle 4-way Test Strips

AquaSparkle 4-way Test Strips£8.80

Chlorine, Bromine, Alkalinity, pH

AquaSparkle O2 Gentle Granules

AquaSparkle O2 Gentle Granules£21.50


AquaSparkle O2 Gentle Liquid

AquaSparkle O2 Gentle Liquid£13.40


AquaSparkle O2 Gentle Spa Starter Kit

AquaSparkle O2 Gentle Spa Starter Kit£45.50

Active Oxygen Kit

Bromine Lovibond Test Kit

Bromine Lovibond Test Kit£25.00

Includes DPD No1 & Phenol Red Tablets

Chlorine Lovibond Test Kit

Chlorine Lovibond Test Kit£24.00

Includes DPD No1 & Phenol Red Tablets

DPD No1 50 x Tablets

DPD No1 50 x Tablets£8.30  (1)

Rapid Test Tablets

Insta Test Strips  5 Plus

Insta Test Strips 5 Plus£14.60

For Chlorine or Bromine Testing

Insta Test Strips 3 Way

Insta Test Strips 3 Way£7.50  (6)

Chlorine / Bromine, Alkalinity and pH

Insta Test Strips 4 Way

Insta Test Strips 4 Way£9.20

Chlorine/ Bromine, Alkalinity, pH and Hardness

Phenol Red  50 x Tablets

Phenol Red 50 x Tablets£8.30  (2)

Rapid Test Tablets

TruTest Digital Strip Reader

TruTest Digital Strip Reader£78.00  (1)

TruTest Digital Strips

TruTest Digital Strips£14.30  (1)


Page 1 of 1:    16 Items

Please note all Hot tub Parts sold are UK Spec, which means designed for 230 V at 50Hz

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