VAT receipts and refunds

Non EU

The Hot Tub DIY website has built in functionality to automatically adjust or remove VAT per country and enables customers that live in certain countries to purchase at different VAT percentages.

This is done by creating a basic account, selecting country and adding items to basket where you can see the VAT free pricing and delivery detail.

However if you wish to acquire a quick quotation simply add your items to basket and change the country in 'estimate delivery' to see VAT free pricing.

EU Countries

Currently all EU countries are eligible to zero VAT if they have a valid VAT number and company ID.

VAT Receipts

To get a copy of a VAT receipt (Invoice) please log into your account and download a copy of your previous Invoices.

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It is currently not possible to change a address or detail on an invoice or to add your VAT detail to a invoice that has already been created.

If you have purchased via the checkout as a guest or via Ebay please get in touch and we will generate a pdf and email it to you