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Waterway Pumps

We stock a full range of waterway hot tub and spa pumps, please use our guides to help you get the correct pump, or call to speak to our friendly engineer.

Waterway pumps are probably the widest range of reliable pumps available for and used in hot tubs, the company is the largest in the industry and provides most of the plastic parts used in the industry. Please note Waterway do not make motors, the buy them in bulk from E.M.G. and reliable them as Waterway Pumps.

We have many guides available to help you get the correct replacement hot tub pump, so please get in touch if you require help either buying online or fitting a pump we have sold you. To get accuracy please compare the amperage on the side of your existing pump and then the union fittings.

*New* Click on compare under up to 4 pumps to see the specification together or type 'pump' in the search box above.

56 Frame Pumps

56 Frame Pumps

Large Pumps

48 Frame Pumps

48 Frame Pumps

Medium Pumps


We have split the Waterway pumps and parts in catagories to help you get the right part more easily.

Please note all Hot tub Parts sold are UK Spec, which means designed for 230 V at 50Hz

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