Balboa Control System - 6 Jets and 2 Speed Pump

Balboa Control System  - 6 Jets and 2 Speed Pump

This bundle of parts is designed to fit a wooden hot tub and give it 6 jets powered by a 2 speed pump and control system which has a 3kw heater and filter.

Note it is a large kit, and as such probably not suited to a beginning DIYer.

The price is based on the total cost of all the parts minus 10%, this of course includes the assistance of how to put it all together and a basic drawing of what goes where.

The main notes when assembling are similar to the wooden heater bundle that we sell, but note the the control panel and the air controller need to be the at the maximum water height.

You will also notice that the jet comes in 4 parts:

  • The body
  • Long Wall fitting
  • The Jet or Adjustable Nozzle
  • Escutcheon

There are 2 manifolds 1 x water and 1 x air, which can be placed anywhere, but are best placed at:

  • water at the lowest point under where the jets are situated
  • air directly connected to the air controller.

The 2 x suctions need to be at least 2 foot apart and usually placed 3” from the floor on the side walls.

All the rest of the plumbing is designed to enable fitting the parts together

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