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Your hot tub jets are one of the most important features of your spa. They provide the soothing therapeutic power of hydrotherapy so if you have a problem with your jets, it will have a huge impact on the performance of your hot tub as well as your enjoyment. Most modern jets are threaded which makes it really easy to replace them to keep that water flowing. Waterway, the brand leader in hot tub and spa jets, manufacture a wide range of threaded spa jets so you can be sure to find the right jet to get your hot tub firing again. Choose from our range of Waterway jets and jet bodies and order online today.

Futureproof your hot tub by buying a couple of spares and benefitting from free delivery on orders over £50.

Cluster Storm Thread-In

3 1/4" Wide Water Jets

Mini Storm Thread-In

3" Wide Water Jets

Poly Storm Thread-In

3 3/8" Wide Water Jets

Power Storm Thread-In

5" Wide Water Jets


Waterway Thread-In Jet FAQ's

What is the difference between threaded jets and tabbed or twist ‘n’ click jets?

Put simply, twist ‘n’ click jets do exactly that. Your jet is kept firmly in the jet body with a plastic tab, which you twist to release. Most of the modern hot tubs and spas now use threaded jets, jets that screw in for a tighter and more secure seal.

Can I change the jets in my hot tub from tabbed to threaded jets?

It depends on the type of jets that you have, but it is usually just a case of changing the retaining ring in the hot tub body from a tabbed ring to a threaded ring. The ring just unscrews, you then remove it and screw in the threaded retaining ring. This allows you to simply screw in your new threaded jet.

If a jet in my hot tub is not working, do I need to replace the whole thing?

You will need to diagnose the problem with your jet beforehand but it is possible to just replace the diffuser, which is the back part of the jet. Remove the jet, give it a good clean and inspect it for damage. Make sure you have isolated the problem to the jet body or housing, the diffuser of the jet itself before buying a new part. Check out our how-to guides and our blogs on hot tub jets for more information. Failing that, get in touch and we’ll help you find the part that you need.

Useful Links

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